Izzy, age 13

I love sewing.  At Sew Creative Café it is a relaxing environment that helps me concentrate on my work.

At this place all the supplies you need are available, so you won't ever run out of materials.

Here everyone is supportive of the work you do, and helps you learn how to do your work properly.

Sewing is a relaxing activity to help you get the stress out of your day.  If you are having a stressful day with homework and tests, this is a good place to come to calm you down and have some creative fun.

Things that you make are the best things to give as gifts.

Mom: Annette

My 9 year old daughter started sewing here when she was 6 and I am amazed at how much she learned even from the very first session.

I also take classes and love the fact that Joyce has "sew" much experience and versatility that she can guide her students through pretty much any kind of project they can come up with!

It is a fun place to be creative!

                     Annette Owens

SaraJane, age 6

I like sewing and ironing and learning how to make things like quilts, even though there is a lot of pinning.  (SaraJane doesn't like pinning... but does it anyway!)

Mom:  Charla

In an environment that is increasingly concerned with test scores and competition, Sew Creative Café offers children a way to express and be themselves without any of this pressure.  They learn skills that will last a lifetime, but more importantly, the sense of achievement in making something uniquely their own builds their confidence.

My daughter and son both love sewing at Sew Creative Café.  They have fun in a quiet, creative atmosphere and always come home beaming with excitement over what they have made.  They wear their creations with pride and I do as well!!

I love the fact that my kids would rather sew than play video games! (I think my grandmother would be proud!)

Sew Creative Café is a "hidden gem" in the South Bay.  Not only do my kids love it, but I do too!

                   Charla Griffy-Brown

Julia R, age 10

Every week I look forward to coming to sewing class and working on my projects.

Marisa M, age 9 (almost 10)

Every time I enter Sew Creative Café, I know that Joyce & Natasha will be there to help me have fun and make cool projects.  After I finish my project, I feel overjoyed and proud of myself.

Tenley, age 10

I love coming to Sew Creative Café because I get to sew, be creative, and make things the way they are supposed to be made.

Emily S, age 10

Every Friday that I come to sewing class, I think of what I can sew next.  I also think of how sweet and kid-friendly Ms. Joyce is.  When I mess up, she's always supportive and doesn't laugh cruelly like any teacher would do.  Instead, she kindly smiles and gives instructions.  She is ALWAYS cheerful and bubbly; with beautiful clothes.  Ms. Joyce is ALWAYS playful and sweet, like a dream sewing teacher (but times a million).  She can control the class without saying anything - not a word!  When she responds to anybody, you can see the dazzling twinkle in her eyes.  Her creations are amazing!

I sometimes have weird days, but it spins completely around when I enter Sew Creative Café and I see her sweet face.  I love seeing Ms. Joyce, and I love sewing at Sew Creative Café!

Sew Creative Café

where creativity is served