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Sew Creative Café

​​​1726 Aviation Blvd., at Artesia
Redondo Beach, California  90278

(310) 376-0065


Our store hours vary based on classes 

During the school year we are closed on Sunday & Monday.

Adults Classes

We also do Monograms, Custom Embroidery, and Digitizing for all your needs.

Sadly, we are still closed for classes, but hopefully

it will soon be safe to resume...

In the meantime, we are making custom cotton, washable, reusable face masks - call 310-413-3933

or email us to order  

We are always available by email at sewcreativecafe@gmail.com

There are no mistakes, only lessons to be learned!


Kids Classes

Custom Embroidery

We teach our classes in a non-competitive way to encourage learning at each student’s own pace.  We want our classes to be fun to learn.  Our classes are taught in an individual manner, as each student is working on their own project, at their own pace, including how to fix mistakes, and learn from them.

We supply the machines, pins, scissors – all the tools needed to make projects.  We have fabrics, kits, thread, etc. available for sale, OR you can bring your own.

The Associated Press writes "sewing stimulates creativity" 

"Children who know how to sew are likely to have an edge the high-tech economy of the future" says the Home Sewing Association.    Activities like sewing and problem-solving skills, according to clinical study commissioned by the H.S.A, stimulates creativity.  But kids who spend their free time playing with handheld computer games or watching television, do not.

The study involved 100 students between ages of 8 to 12 and was designed by Dr. Robert Reiner of New York University psychiatry department.  Sewing's choices of color selection, fabric options, design, and proportion help stimulate and focus creative energy and build self-esteem, according to the study.

Our methods build creativity, self-esteem & reduce stress, while developing patience and perseverance; enhancing problem-solving and other important life skills.  Students experience a sense of accomplishment with each finished project, while improving hand/eye coordination and other fine motor skills.

Sewing allows people to express themselves and have FUN!!  A skill that lasts a lifetime!